July 23/24/25, 2010  Washington, D.C.
“Children Need Both Parents”


The primary mission of the Family Preservation Festival is to educate and invoke change in the Family Courts and Government Agencies throughout America that interfere with our ability to parent our own children.  

Our mission is to educate parents, family members, friends and the public on what is needed to fight unlawful practices that continue to contribute to the abuse of our children therefore moving our country’s government agencies,  family court system, judges, lawyers, doctors and all involved with our children to a spirit of family togetherness and basic moral ideals in regard to family.

Information and education regarding:

  • Awareness of injustices in the court system that governs family law.
  • Importance of the ideals of family values and togetherness.
  • Changing the system to realize the rights and needs of the children involved in family court.
  • Making all involved in family court cases realize the importance of the involvement of both fit parents in children’s lives.
  • Promoting the idea of co-parenting as the norm in family courts.
  • Bringing about awareness of Parental Alienation/Abduction and treating them as child abuse and  punishable crimes against children.
  • Awareness of the injustices and illegal practices of Child Protective Services/government agencies in every state.

Our beliefs:

  • That children have the right to equal parenting time with both fit parents.
  • That it is the responsibility of the family courts to make every effort to include both fit parents in childrens lives.
  • That it is the responsibility of government organizations that oversee family situations to do everything possible to reunite children with their parents.
  • That it is the responsibility of the family court to accept and demand that Parental Alienation will be treated as a crime against children.
  • That it is the responsibility of parents to do what is best for their children in a civil manner regardless of the parents ill feelings toward each other.

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