Leisha Tringali, Russell Kessler, DeeDee O'Callaghan, Kelly Rice, Bobby Dickerson

We have all been participants in past Family Preservation Festivals and are dedicated to continuing the spirit and tradition of Minister Ron Smith's original Fest in 2007.

In addition, we have a large group of other parents, family members, friends, organizations and advocates who are involved in planning, lobbying and educating the government and the public about the festival and about the work that needs to be done to make family a priority in America once again.

We all have personal knowledge of  how the family courts, CPS, other government agencies, foster care, parental alienation and other forms of parental interference affect the welfare and future of our children in America. 

If you have any questions about the organizers, schedule, mission statement or want to help, contact us at the public Yahoo! group:

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